Trivia Night organized by WZCC Middle East Chapter

The WZCC Middle East Chapter held its edutainment event - "Trivia Night" on October, 29th 2017. An event befitting the WZCC portfolio, it was held at the Mercure Gold Hotel with an attendance of over 50 people. The evening started with the ever popular Children’s Quiz, where our young leaders of tomorrow dazzled all in attendance with their skill and knowledge, answering a variety of General Knowledge, Multiple Choice and Audio Visual Questions. Starting the proceeding Cyrus Debara welcomed all the guests and set the pace for the evening - laying out the rules and quiz method. The young children assembled in teams and the Quiz was curated and hosted by WZCC Youth Team - Jasmine Tavadia and Urvaksh Tantra. Throughout the half hour contest, it was often found the youngsters knew more answers then the adults in the room ! The enthusiasm of the kids was simply amazing, and the winning team "Team Braniacs" consisting of Rayaan Irani, Tiyan Debara, Roxanne Dubash all received educational books courtesy of Mr. Porus Guzder.

The main event of the evening was the always competitive Adult’s Quiz. Featuring 9 teams of 4 members each battling each other over 5 varied rounds, such as “Guess Who” and “The Zoro Crossword”, drama and entertainment was never far. The final round where teams got to select their preferred category questions with double bonus points was ever engaging. Movie themed posters, community specific questions and world politics were all brought into play across the rounds. At the end of the evening - "Team G - Ghelsappa Parsis" comprising Charmaine Taraporvala, Marzban Pithawalla, Daraius Antia and Jimmy Dadrewala won the quiz contest by a narrow margin to the runners up - "The A Team" consisting of Khushru Khandhadia, Mozard Antia, Kaizad Pithawalla and Goolnaz Debara. The spot prizes for the round of Trivia open to the audience, was won by Keki Tavadia, Anaissa Irani, Roshni Taraporvala & Wahbeez Wankadia.

The typical parsi spirit and bonhomie was on display through out the night, and not only was it a treat for the participating adults, but all the audience members too were cheering on their loved ones.  The winners received a Cash prize and gifts vouchers and were felicitated on stage by Mrs. Dolly Tavadia. As always, no event is complete without a scrumptious dinner, which was enjoyed by one and all.

Just before the evening was rounded off, an exciting video presentation of the world famous Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum was shown to the members as it is one of the next planned activities for the WZCC-ME chapter towards education and cultural enrichment. With this promise of more entertaining and enjoyable events in the near future, Cyrus, Porus Guzder (President of WZCC-ME) and Firdaus Irani (Chapter Chair - WZCCME) thanked all the members and appreciated the efforts of the youth committee and its key members (Jasmine and Urvaksh) for managing this event.