We Are Practical, Not Just Spenders – Youth

On Saturday 30th July, 2016, Zoroastrian Youth of Next Generation ( ZYNG ) together with World Zarathushti Chamber Of Commerce (WZCC) organized an event “We Are Practical, Not just Spenders”, a talk on Financial Well Being to help the youth of our community to spend and manage their money wisely. The event was held at Radio Club, Colaba and the talk was conducted by the well reputed Mr. Maher Dhamodiwala who is a certified Financial Planner and the Founder of Financial Artists. The event was hosted and sponsored by DSP Black Rock.

The full house event saw Mr. Pheroze Kharas, International Director – WZCC give a brief introduction on WZCC and encouraged the youth towards entrepreneurship and assured them of his support. Mr. Dhamodiwala educated the participants on achieving financial wellbeing to help them get started with the basics of managing their money in a better way.

The participants were taken through various topics which included the power of compounding – to help ones savings grow faster, the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) tool which helps to create wealth by investing small sums every month, asset allocation and other case studies.

One of the key themes running through to manage ones money was being disciplined and patient to reap greater benefits. The session was very interactive with numerous questions being asked and ended with a sumptuous dinner. At the end of the event Captain Percy Master, President, India Region – WZCC thanked Mr. Dhamodiwala for an informative session. The evening was a great learning and networking experience for the participants.