Career Conversation

WZCC – Houston Chapter hosted a Career Conversation session at the Z Camp Texas 2016 held on July 29-31, 2016 at the Zarathushti Heritage and Culture Center in Houston. Participants from various parts of the state of Texas were in attendance. The interactive session was specially designed to help high school and college level students. It was very well received and was a big success.

Three speakers, Dr. Benafsha Irani, Ms. Anahita Nariman and Ms. Mitra Khambatta shared their educational and professional experiences with the enthusiastic audience.

Dr. Benafsha Irani practices Family Medicine in Houston, Ms. Anahita Nariman practices Corporate Law and Litigation and Ms. Mitra Khambatta is a practicing accountant. The youth got some good learning from the three young professionals on staying committed to their dreams, open to change and studying smart. After the discussion, youth teams presented their views on medical practices of the future, ideas ranging from hologram emergency medicine to bio-engineered orthopedic solutions.

WZCC – Houston Chapter is very thankful to the three speakers for providing firsthand information to the young and eager audience and looks forward to hosting another session next year at the Z Camp Texas 2017.