-To promote, through Education and Training and through wide propagation of ideas, trade, commerce and industry in India generally and particularly to promote the interest of any Zarathushti business, organization or individual.
-To spread information, hold conferences, seminars, lectures, and study circles in order to educate the general public about the benefits of trade, commerce and industry for the welfare of the people of India.
-To encourage, all kinds of scientific and economic research relating to trade, commerce and industry.
-To arbitrate in the settlement of disputes arising out of commercial transactions between parties willing or agreeing to abide by the judgements and decisions of the Chamber or of persons nominated by it.
-To establish just and equitable principles of trade.
-To form a code or codes of practice to simplify and facilitate transactions of business.
-To communicate with other chambers of commerce and mercantile and public bodies throughout the world and to act in concert with them in order to protect trade, commerce and industry and in particular to protect any Zarathushti business, organization or individual.

The Chamber

WZCC was launched on December 29, 2000 as part of the legacy project of the Seventh World Zoroastrian Congress.

The Structure

WZCC is registered in the State of Illinois as a "Not For Profit" entity. US tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(6) corporation will be sought. WZCC will be operating within its charter and by-laws with 15 Directors elected from all over the world. Similarly WZCCI is registered in Mumbai, India, as a society registered under the Societies Registration Act - 1860 [Regn. No. 1620, dated 8th Dec. 2003]. WZCCI operates within the framework and objects of WZCC.

What is the Genesis?

Our history is a testament to the Zoroastrian business acumen and entrepreneurial successes. In order to rejuvenate this spirit, several Zarathushti Business Conferences were held in North America. These annual conferences culminated in the start up of the Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce. At the first business meeting of the Chamber in Houston on December 29, 2000, the business persons from all over the world elected to enlarge the scope of the Chamber to all the regions of the world which led to the renaming of the Chamber as the "World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce".

The Purpose of WZCC?

To facilitate, encourage and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst Zarathushtis. To promote Zarathushti businesses interests worldwide. To enhance cooperation, networking and solidarity amongst Zarathushti business and professional communities. To gather appropriate statistics of Zarathushtis doing business worldwide. To develop a mentoring program To identify sources of funding for Zarathushti business ventures.

The WZCC Logo – Integrity & Industry

The WZCC logo has Industry & Integrity embedded in it. These were the words that came into Rohinton Rivetna's mind at the time when the WZCC team were on the look out for an appropriate logo which would promote the organization in a positive manner. Click Here for an article which will help you understand why the words Integrity & Industry are important for our future in the Zarathushti Business World.