Commercial Real Estate Investing

Mr. Nadir Dhanani presented a topic on Commercial Real Estate Investing, at a WZCC Houston Chapter event on August 26, 2015. About 30 years ago, Mr. Dhanani started as a cashier at a gas station and worked his way to becoming a very successful real estate investor. He has invested in gas station/fast food combination locations, shopping strips, and commercial buildings, and is currently developing two hotel properties. He provided very detailed insights into different types of commercial real estate investments such as medical facilities, shopping strips, buildings, hotels, land, etc. and he discussed the return on investment that can be expected for the various investments. He also discussed how to obtain bank loans, the business entities that can be set up for partnerships, the typical items that should be included in tenant leases, and the types of expenses that can be incurred by the property owners. He also compared commercial real estate investing to residential property investments and Real Estate Investment Trusts. The presentation was very well received by the attendees with a long Q&A session.