Find your voice: release your power


DATE:  SUNDAY  20th  NOVEMBER,  2016


TIME: 1:00 to 4:30 PM


LOCATION:   Arbab Rostam Guiv Dar-e-Mehr, 6900 Halifax Street, BURNABY, BC

We thank ZSBC B of D & Trustees of Arbab Rostam Guiv Foundation for the facilities.


ATTENDEES:    Total   26   including Speaker


The meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm and chaired by Firdosh Mehta.

He updated members of past meeting issues and thanked everyone for a good turnout.


Firdosh thanked Bella Tata for introducing the speaker to WZCC, and introduced the speaker.


Narges Nirumvala is a world renowned leadership communication expert and international speaker. One of the Top 100 Leadership Experts to Follow on Twitter in the World, she is the CEO of ExecutiveSpeak Coaching International and author of the book  “Capture the Spotlight” website………


A trusted advisor to CEOs, Narges works with corporate leaders, association executives, elected community officials and high-performance teams to help them communicate with confidence in any situation. Her clients include Fortune 500 and FT 500 Companies. Narges has appeared on City TV, Breakfast Television Vancouver, OMNI Television, SUCCESS magazine, the Province, News1130 radio and many others. Her writing on the subject has been published in 106 countries worldwide.

Her Company Website:


Narges is also an influencer, community leader and philanthropist. She sits on the Board of Directors for the Dixon Transition Society and is Chair of the Fundraising Committee for the CKNW Orphans’ Fund and is a Patron of the Vancouver Opera. Recently she was nominated for the 2014 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.


Presentation by  Ms. Narges Nirumvala


Topic: “Find your voice:  release your power”.

“In this interactive, empowering and energizing speech Ms. Nirumvala took us on a journey to look for moments to make a greater impact in the world around us. Filled with personal stories and tangible takeaways, we were inspired and poised ready to take action.”

Interactive  Discussions / Questions & Answers.

Narges also invited a few of us up front to go through a mock interview for learning the tools for proper presentations, communications and importance of body language. This included Kerman Kasad, Kayras Irani, Percy Billimoria, Sharookh Daroowala and Ashishvang Contractor.                                    

Firdosh summarized the talk and offered a Vote of Thanks to Narges and requested Perviz Madon to present Narges a gift of 2 books and a WZCC Pin, as a token of our appreciation.


Refreshments: Tea/Coffee, Pop, Samosas, Spanakopita and Banana Cake, were served.

We are very thankful to Rashna Mehta for pick up, delivery & warm up of the goodies.


The meeting continued with INTERIM SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING


 Total # who attended special meeting = 20,

                                                                   which included 15 voting members.


Review of notes of previous meeting along with matters arising and approval of same

along with review of annual financial statement was deferred to the full AGM in 2017.


Interim Status of Chapter by Chairman: Fariborz Rahnamoon

Interim Report by Secretary & Program Coordinator: Firdosh Mehta

Interim Financial Status as of 31Oct by Treasurer:  Homi Italia

Report on Discussions during the 19 Nov Global conference call: Homi Italia

Reimbursement of 40 % of fees to CHAMBER: Not required per Chamber Board


WZCC Vancouver Chapter Treasurer (Homi Italia) mentioned that WZCC Mumbai had

requested for an amount of USD 250 for the new WZCC Global website from the

Vancouver Chapter. There was a lot of deliberation.

Finally, with the help of a USD 50 donation, it was agreed that our Chapter will

contribute USD 250 for the new website subject to the following conditions:


– The Vancouver chapter will not contribute 40% of the membership fees for 2016

– Vancouver chapter will have a page dedicated to it on the new website, which will be

managed by the Vancouver Board

– This is a one-time contribution made by the Chapter and not done as a precedent.

Any ad-hoc requests in the future will be considered on their own merit by the then

prevailing Board and Members.


Concerns were also raised around the on-going maintenance amount for the website

and the Chapter’s ability to contribute towards this. Further, it was noted that this

website is not used by many of our members on a regular basis and there was a

recommendation that the website content should be more inclusive considering other

global chapters.


Raising funds through Advertisements and donations for SYNERGYZ:

The Board and Members were not in favor of directly contributing to SynergyZ via an

advertisement, considering the financial position of the Chapter. However, the Board

did encourage all the members to solicit advertisements for the SynergyZ Magazine.


  Confirmation of FEE Schedule for 2017:

It was also noted that the Chapter fees for 2017 would be done at full AGM in 2017.


Nominations to the Board of Directors for the Chapter for 2017:

Perviz Madon volunteered to be the Nominations Officer and all were requested to

nominate those who were willing to serve.


Firdosh announced that he is willing to step down from any position on the Board and

continue to remain a member of the Chapter, as we need to get new and younger

members to take on the Chapter’s operations. He is willing to mentor and help anyone

who requests.


With no other business to discuss, the Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM.


We would like to offer our thanks to Aubtin and Manochehr for their assistance in

audio-visual equipment set up and taking some photos.



Minutes Prepared by: Firdosh Mehta & Percy Billimoria     Date: 24 Nov. 2016