Minutes Of Meeting for WZCC BC Chapter

DATE: 24th April, 2016 TIME: 1:30 to 4:30 PM

LOCATION: Arbab Rostam Guiv Dar-e-Mehr, 6900 Halifax Street, BURNABY, BC V5B 2R5

We thank ZSBC B of D & Trustees of Arbab Rostam Guiv Foundation BC for use of the facilities. 

ATTENDEES: Total 22, including Speakers (M) = Members

Dr. Farah Shroff (SPEAKER)  

(M) Murzban Eruch Chinvala (SPEAKER)  

Lorelei Tolosa (SPEAKER)  

(M) Nevill Bhagat    

(M) Fariborz Rahnamoon             

(M) Firdosh Mehta

(M) Behramsha Mizan

(M) Rostam Sasani    

(M) Arian Sasani

(M) Kayras Irani      

 (M) Homi Italia                    

(M) Perviz Madon  

(M) Pesi Balsara

(M) Percy Billimoria

(M) Aubtin Yazdgardian

(M) Farah Mistry

(M) Kerman Kasad

(M) Ruzbeh Lalkaka

(M) Kersasp Bharucha

And other non-members.

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm and chaired by Firdosh Mehta.

Firdosh recapped the previous meeting issues and invited younger members Kayras Irani, Aubtin Yazdgardian and Farah Mistry, to introduce and present gifts of appreciation to the speakers.

1:45 PM Presentation by Dr. Farah Shroff, PhD.

Dr Shroff, is the principal of Shroff Consulting, and a part time faculty member at the UBC Department of Family Practice and School of Population and Public Health. She is also a teacher of yoga, dance and other movement arts. Her passions are about making the world a healthier place and her consulting and teaching emphasize the limitless possibilities for mind-body wellness. She has recently started a project to improve infant and maternal health in India.

Farah’s Consulting firm has worked in the area of public health, social and educational issues, focusing on research, writing, facilitation, training and more. She gave us an overview of her early days growing up in a Parsi Colony in Mumbai. She talked about how Shroff Consulting emerged around the time of birth of her son Zubin, and how working from home as a mother helped care for her children, as well as consulting and part time university professor. We heard about the benefits of being self-employed and the rewards of self-marketing, as well as how to cope with the challenges of the feast and famine days in life. She discussed her latest ventures into real estate investing and shared how opportunities can be found. She talked about the applications of various Social Media, such as LinkedIn and others, and how they can be utilized in her work from home.

2:30 PM    Refreshments – Tea/Coffee, Pop, Spanakopitas, Chicken Nuggets, Cake and Coconut

macroons. Rashna Mehta looked after the procuring and preparation of the refreshments.

2:45 PM    Presentation by Murzban Eruch Chinvala

Murzban’s power point presentation was on “Mortgages – An insider’s viewpoint & all you need to know about it”. He provided insights on how one can save money and avoid making costly mistakes on our biggest debt, usually in homes.

Being a mortgage professional with Dominion Lending Centers’ Clear Trust Mortgages, with access to various sources of funding from big banks, monolines and private lenders, Murzban explained the pros & cons of various funds. Murzban was Finance Controller of Canada’s largest private post-secondary education group before migrating to Canada,

Murzban was Head of Finance & Member of the Board of Directors of GlobeOp Financial Services (I) Pvt. Ltd., a leading fund administrator co-headquartered out of London & New York, having USD 190 billion of assets globally. Prior to that he was Head of Finance for Yahoo in India having been employed with the company since its initial stages. He was also instrumental in playing a lead role in the incorporation and registration of Yahoo’s global Software Development Center in Bangalore, India.

Murzban explained how he became a licensed mortgage broker with certification from University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business. In addition, he is a Commerce graduate, has an MBA with specialization in finance from Australia and is a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He presented various scenarios of mortgage funding with charts and some hands-on activities, weighing different parameters applicable to mortgage funds.

3:45 PM Presentation by Ms. Lorelei Tolosa

Her background has been in the entertainment and film industry where she spent 10 years as a production coordinator.

An event led her to go the entrepreneurial route, a decision she’s very happy to have taken. Lorelei shared her story about her journey as an independent distributor of a personal franchise system in areas of whole-food nutrition and wellness, which is being marketed in 60 countries and discussed opportunities available to our members wishing to pursue this either full-time or on a part-time basis and create residual income.  

She helped us understand the over-all health benefits of using a unique plant based product from South East Asia and many other parts of the world. Brochures and her cards we made available to all.

As an independent distributor, Lorelei’s business excelled quickly qualifying her for the award program in just a few months. She gave us an insight into her role as a major leader and trainer, building and supporting distribution teams globally.

There were 5 new memberships added for FY 2016 at this meeting, to bring the TOTAL so far to 16 Individual + 1 Student. We would appreciate some Corporate memberships also.

The following will be the newly elected Board of BC Chapter for 2016:

Homi Italia Fariborz Rahnamoon

Perviz Madon Firdosh Mehta

Percy Billimoria Nevill Bhagat

And the following will continue as the executive for 2016:

Fariborz Rahnamoon (Chairman) Homi Italia (Treasurer)

Firdosh Mehta (Secretary & Program Coordinator)

Firdosh informed those present about the upcoming WZCC North American AGM,

on 29 APR 2016, in Michigan, in conjunction with FEZANA AGM.

Chapter Chair Fariborz Rahnamoon is scheduled to attend. Further details available next meeting.

4:45 PM    Firdosh thanked the Speakers and all who attended for their support.

The meeting was adjourned and attendees were requested to further partake of the

refreshments served, and encouraged to engage in networking.

Fee Structure for 2016 year is :

Corporate (Business, with 2 individual members)…. $ 50

Individual  (1 each)……………………………………………..$ 25

Student [Full Time] (1 each) …….…………………………$ 10

This was our second meeting for 2016. The next meeting is scheduled for 5 June 2016.

Minutes Prepared by: Firdosh Mehta Date: 27 April 2016


Here are some photos of the meeting which we hope you will enjoy.