Successful Even if in the Worst of Times

Pradeep Anand is no stranger to the Houston Business and Cultural Scene. He also happens to have many friends from our Zoroastrian Community. For over 30 years, he has helped executives at more than 60 industrial and technology companies develop strategies and tactics that swiftly accelerate revenue and margin growth. His work experience ranges from High-Tech to No-Tech industries: in Oil & Gas, Engineering, manufacturing, Software, Technology and Services. He has published many papers on Oil & Gas, Career Development, Outsourcing, Business Growth/Marketing, India, etc.
Pradeep is President and founder of Seeta Resources, Adjunct Faculty at Rice University MBA program; Mentor to Startups/NextGen Employees, etc. He is an Alumni of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and also the author of the book An Indian in Cowboy Country with stories from an Immigrant’s life that many of us are so close to. WZCC Houston Chapter invites you to attend this very interesting talk.

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