We are practical, Not just spenders

World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) and Zoroastrian Youth for Next Gen (ZYNG) have organized an Event called “We are practical, Not just spenders” – Youth, a Workshop dedicated for the Parsi youth.

You will enjoy reading this survey especially if you are a youth (Parsis are young forever).

Recent trends on spending money reveals some interesting facts about how our youth engages with money. Consumption has emerged as an important symbol of identity rather than a mere action of purchase. It’s no more about “my” background (family, religion, country) but it’s now about “who I am”. The youth refutes any brand obsession but is highly influenced by bargain deals. if it is a good deal he may land up buying 3 pairs of shoes in spite of his need of only one. Youth psychographics suggests a high percentage of impulse buying behavior which reflect high aspiration and pent- up demand.

According to a KPMG survey, on what drives first-time consumers’ purchasing decisions, India’s youth has been characterized as “highly experimentative”, with regard to food, media and personal care

This how we love to Spend and Save:

Per month Spending
The Wallet Share %
Electronic Gadgets 14.5
Shopping – Clothes, Accessories 21.6
Fuel 17.4
Eating out – Snacks, Drinks, Dinning, Coffee Shop 8.3
Partying – Pubs/Discos 13.9
Personal grooming – Spas, Salons 8.2
Movies 6.4
Malls 9.7
Per month Left over
The Saving share %
I keep it in Bank’s Savings account 33.1
I give it back to my parents 16.3
I keep the amount for my future use 32.5
I invest my Savings 17.5
Others 0.6
Survey credit: Advertising Age, Neilson, KPMG, HT.

We respect the above facts and we will demonstrate to our youth how they can actually spend the way they want with a little better way to organize their MONEY.

The details of this workshop are :-

Venue : Paradise Lounge, Radio Club, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai 400 001
Date : Saturday, 30 July 2016
Fees : Rs.200/- per person
Timing : Registration 6.00 p.m.; Program 6.30 p.m. – Followed by Dinner.
As there are limited seats, registration will be on “First Come First Served” basis. To register, kindly contact Zarine at WZCC office – 9619165444 / 23532522, email : wzccindia@on-lyne.com
Best wishes,

Adi B. Siganporia