Dear Members,

Greetings from WZCC.

Though few in numbers, the second networking meeting was very successful as felt by all members present. Here is a small note of what transpired for all those who did not attend. We strongly recommend that more members make it for the August meeting as this will greatly help your contact sphere and business.

Meeting began by Zarine narrating how networking in the first meeting had helped her. She had expressed her dire need for a Manager for the restaurant. A few days later, Navaz Lalkaka tagged Zarine on a FB post where an employment agency had listed the candidates available for restaurants. Within two days Zarine had found her self a Manager and also given the offer letter to the suitable candidate.

The second incident Zarine gave was where a large catering order, and a repeat one, was grabbed by her restaurant Red Fork, thanks to a WZCC member introducing Zarine to her husband. Again networking paid off.

Below are requirements of some of the members present. Anyone with contacts or can assist in any way will be appreciated.

Requirements :

1. Anahita Batha – Runs a play school – The Green Pocket / Day care Centre / Library for kids / Hosts kids birthday parties and camps at her school.

Looking for : A story teller and a capable supervisor for her day care centre

2. Zarir Bhaurcha – Already has an established business. Is passionate and knowledgable about music. Also teaches piano. Was instrumental in launching his son, Neville’s, music career.

Looking for : Some new business interests.

3. Cyrus Bharucha – Is a Chartered Accountant and a partner at Kalyaniwala & Mistry.

Looking for : A young Parsi CA whom he can train to become a partner. Needs to be based in Bangalore

4. Zarine – Has a Restaurant Red Fork and also does catering for Events.

Looking for : Hosting events at Red Fork – could be in collaboration with others – photographer, musician, book reading, kids training camp, etc

5. Perin Patel – Works in the retail business of Mattresses as part of the family business. In addition is a certified “CueMath” teacher. Also does soft skills training primarily for software engineers.

Looking for: Talking to parents how “Cue Math” can make a difference to a child’s mathematics skills.

6. Zaver – Is into the manufacture of chocolates. Caters to corporate, International Retail brands, 5 star hotels, Builders etc.

Looking for: Increasing her reach into corporates and other business entities, especially to companies who are looking for gifting chocolate boxes for this Diwali season to their staff and customers.