DATE: 24th Jan, 2016 TIME: 1:30 to 4:30 PM

LOCATION: Arbab Rostam Guiv Dar-e-Mehr, 6900 Halifax Street, BURNABY, BC V5B 2R5
We thank ZSBC B o D & Trustees of Arbab Rostam Guiv Foundation BC for use of the facilities.

ATTENDEES: Total 24 including Speakers (M) = Member 2015/16

Delna Bhesania (SPEAKER)   Barry Ward (SPEAKER)
(M) Nevill Bhagat
(M) Fariborz Rahnamoon
(M) Firdosh Mehta
(M) Murzban Chinvala
(M) Rostam Sasani
(M) Homi Italia
(M) Kayras Irani
(M) Perviz Madon
(M) Percy Billimoria
(M) Aubtin Yazdgardian
(M) Farah Mistry
(M) Kerman Kasad
Pourandokht Rostamian   Zara Contractor
Behramsha Mizan Maharukh Bhagat
Noshir Balsara Goolshun Balsara
Rumi Shroff Noshir Fitter
Manochehr Dini Anahita Kaviani

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm and chaired by Firdosh Mehta.
Firdosh recapped the previous meeting issues and proceeded to introduce Barry and Delna.

Topic — How started,Bardel entertainment inc where it is now, and the challenges getting there.
President and Co-Founder of Bardel Entertainment, Barry started the presentation explaining his background with BARDEL. As Bardel’s “point person” for securing and retaining key relationships with major U.S. clients such as DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Disney, and Warner Bros; his initial experiences of contacts and sales was the basic step that launched Bardel. He also assists with recruiting key talent and sourcing potential offshore production Studios and personnel to fulfill the Studio’s growth and outsourcing needs.

Delna Bhesania, who is Bardel’s Chief Executive Officer, started out with little education or experience in the Business world particularly in Animation. However, she was the one with the Entrepreneurial “fire in the belly”, began her inspiring career in animation for over 25 years and told a story of determination, commitment and vision. Starting from an office in a spare bedroom/den, Delna and her soul mate Barry, with some help and support from friends and family, have grown their business from a small team with big talent to a really big team with ground-breaking talent.

Delna manages the studio’s corporate affairs, production, and business development. She works closely with her executive team at all stages to strategize, manage and uphold the highest quality standards on which Bardel’s reputation is built.

Theirs’ is a remarkable story and we were fortunate and proud to have them amongst us.

Their presentation was followed by lots of questions. Barry & Delna answered with insight and knowledge of their world of business, locally and internationally.

Vote of Thanks: Firdosh requested Zara Contractor to present Delna, and Aubtin to present to Barry, with appreciation gifts of books relating to enterprise and business, and thanked all for attending.

2:30 PM    Refreshments – Tea/Coffee, Samosas, Chicken Nuggets, Fruit tray and Vegetable tray.
Rashna Mehta looked after the procuring and preparation of the refreshments.

2:45 PM Fariborz called to order the WZCC BC CHAPTER AGM for FISCAL year 2015.
He read out the CHAPTER ACTIVITY REPORT, as our Chapter Chair.
The CHAPTER FINANCIAL REPORT was presented by our Treasurer, Homi Italia.
The financial report was approved unanimously by members present.
After some discussion, the Fee Structure for 2016 year was presented by Firdosh:
Corporate (Business, with 2 individual members)…. $ 50
Individual  (1 each)……………………………………………..$ 25
Student [Full Time] (1 each) …….…………………………$ 10
No change in % of fees collected to be sent to CHAMBER.
Non-Member charge per meeting to cover refreshment cost at $ 3 per person.
The above charges and fees were approved unanimously by members present.

New membership list for FY 2016 to be published by Treasurer.

ELECTION OF BOARD MEMBERS of BC Chapter: Nominations were solicited.
Firdosh indicated that we need new and younger participation on the board.
It was suggested that we continue with the current Executive and add some new names
to the board. Percy Billimoria and Nevill Bhagat agreed to join the board.

The following will be the newly elected Board of BC Chapter for 2016:
Homi Italia Fariborz Rahnamoon
Perviz Madon Firdosh Mehta
Percy Billimoria Nevill Bhagat

And the following will continue as the executive for 2016:
Fariborz Rahnamoon (Chairman) Homi Italia (Treasurer)
Firdosh Mehta (Secretary & Program Coordinator)

Firdosh gave short update with the names of the newly elected Executives.
All congratulated Homi Italia for being elected as the Canadian representative on
Firdosh informed those present about the upcoming WZCC North American AGM,
on 29 APR 2016, in Michigan, in conjunction with FEZANA AGM.
Chapter members were requested to attend. Further details available from Firdosh.

Firdosh expressed a great difficulty in finding speakers for our meetings.
The Manager of RBC was contacted via introduction from Maharukh Bhagat, who
indicated their inability to participate, if our meetings were scheduled on weekends.
Perviz Madon, Murzban Chinvala, Kayras Irani and Aubtin Yazdgardian volunteered in the
effort to find good speakers for future meetings.

4:00 PM    Firdosh thanked all who attended for their support. The meeting was adjourned and
attendees were requested to further partake of the refreshments served, and encouraged
to engage in networking.

This was our first meeting for 2016. The next meeting is scheduled for 24th April 2016.

Minutes Prepared by: Firdosh Mehta Date: 5 Feb 2016